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The Audo

Over the last years, a new breed of boutique hotels has emerged, offering new ways of experiencing contemporary art and hospitality. This is the third story in our edit of hotels that highlight those special aspects.

Copenhagen — the Danish capital, is all about enjoying life, architecture, design, art, good food, and genuinely happy people. From TV to fashion, almost everyone has jumped on the Nordic wave in one way or another in recent years. Copenhagen, one of our favorite cities, is the cradle of Scandi style.

The Audo is a new hybrid space in one of the oldest buildings in Nordhavn, the harbor area in Copenhagen, that has rapidly developed into a trendy urban hub. The Audo is one of the neighborhood´s true gems offering a truly holistic design experience. As a small boutique hotel, restaurant, concept store, work, and event space, the Audo facilitates human interaction, connection, and artistic expression. It´s a home for creative individuals to collaborate and inspire one another.

Bjarne Hansen, founder and former CEO of MENU, a globally recognized leader in the design and lifestyle sphere, conceived the concept. Hansen worked with Norm Architects as principal architects for the project, and Nathan Williams, co-founder of Kinfolk magazine, as creative director for the brand´s identity.  Developing the concept together they made it a reality with a dedicated team, partners, and collaborators from the creative industry.

Nordic design and timeless materials play the lead role in The Audo´s milieu of modern elegance. Moreover, the concept acts as a platform for international artists to share their works. Installations evolve from season to season and include paintings, ceramics, sculptures, and installations. The entire house serves as a gallery, and all pieces are available for purchase.

"Nordic design and timeless materials play the lead role in The Audo´s milieu of modern elegance. Moreover, the concept acts as a platform for international artists to share their works."

Among the artists currently showing at the Audo are Thora Frogner and the architect duo Anne Berthelsen and Mikkel Johnsen. Thora is an artist and ceramist from Norway who creates organic, sculptural works of art contemplating different aspects. She often references elements of time and space as well as human experiences in her work. 

Atelier Plateau, the creative design studio by architects Anne Berthelsen and Mikkel Johnsen,  in their work the duo explores unique wall reliefs and instalations. In 2020 they made a series of wall reliefs exhibiting at The Auto called Beyond the Surface. All the art pieces focus on the interplay between light, shadow, and textures. With the explorations into light and shadow, we encourage the observer to spend time in the space to experience each wall relief´s changing expressions as the time and conditions change. The interplay between the wall relief and the surroundings is essential, Mikkel explains in the press release from the hotel, but Atelier Plateau draws daily inspiration from Scandinavian design heritage and craftsmanship.

When visiting Copenhagen, stop by the Audo and get inspired by the local creative community. Regardless of which sector you come from, you will be surrounded by people sharing a mutual passion for art, design and architecture.

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words ingunn eyþórsdóttir & Sara Torcato
photos The Audo